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The Enchanted Chocolate Mine Entrance

Welcome to The Enchanted Chocolate Mine, a very small visitor attraction located beneath the chocolate shop in Kirkby Lonsdale.

Aimed at children and the young-at-heart, this free attraction provides a quick insight into the world of chocolate mining. A short visit might only take 30 seconds but if you follow all the story boards and have time to make a donation at the wishing well to our chosen charity (Derian House) you could be in the mine for up to 10 minutes.

Now, a lot of you may be thinking that chocolate only grows on trees, and you'd be right to a point. But here at Kirkby Lonsdale we have been mining chocolate for many years. Actually the Faeries have been mining here for years, not us - but well, you can find all that out for yourself by visiting the history, community and geology pages.

The great news is that the Enchanted Chocolate Mine is free admission and one of many things to see and do in and around Kirkby Lonsdale. Please use the information on this site to help you find us and plan your visit.

The Chocolate Mine is located at the foot of some steep stairs which might prove tricky for those who have mobility issues.

You might be wondering who the happy chap is in the picture at the top of the website. That's Nando, the Chocolate Keeper and Head Faery at the Enchanted Chocolate Mine. Why not send Nando a message through Facebook. Yes, even Faeries use Facebook nowadays!

History of the Enchanted Chocolate Mine


Click here to learn about the history of the Enchanted Chocolate Mine and its links to Peter Pan

The Enchanted Chocolate Mine Community


Learn about the faery folk who live and work in the Enchanted Chocolate Mine

The Enchanted Chocolate Mine Community


Learn about how chocolate is formed deep underground by volcanic and magical means